IMG_0391 During that year I became adept at applying both with Shiatsu and Jin Shin recipes and teaching others about what I was learning. Using energy for healing could not be easier.

Energy work comes naturally for me as I have been working with this gift for healing since I was a young child. Often I would help others who were suffering from pain of one sort or another either with hands on work, or using herbs, or poultices. My grandmothers passed on much wisdom and I sought out the company of those who worked in alternative health care for my own needs as well as to learn to treat different disease.

I enjoy the healing arts, especially traditional Chinese medicine. I am a Native American with a special gift in healing. When I was about 9yrs old my father noticed my ability to help others with muscle injuries, I now have a therapeutic massage practice in Atascadero, CA. I enjoy teaching others how to use energy medicine and alternative therapies in their daily lives, to improve their health and that of others.   I teach a class in the application of low level lasers and scenar with the use of the Solaris blanket and Guardian Eagle imprinter.