Can a Broken Tooth Be Healed?

March 25, 2013 in Home Page Approriate by Leslie Keating

So many people lose teeth when they are broken due to an accident.  My daughter Abigail broke a molar in half through to the root, and 2 years later she still has the tooth and it is sound and whole.  How did this unbelievable repair happen, cold LASER!  In just 20 minutes she no longer was experiencing pain after the application of Cold LASER.  After the first session she lasered her tooth every day for 15 min. in the same pattern for a week.  She then lasered her tooth once a week for a month.  Her accident happened in March of 2009 and in November of 2009 she had her tooth x-rayed and checked by a dentist who could see the break clearly on the x-ray and yet could not even find a seam on the tooth.  Also an area that was chipped had a coating of new enamel and did not need anything from the dentist in way of repair.  She will be losing this molar as her permanent teeth come in but she is thankful for the LASER and the natural ability of the body to heal.