Cosamodic Abi

Like SCENAR this device not only uses the natural body language of electrical stimuli, but also constantly modifies the signal, based on real time feedback from the body.  In other words, it “listens” to the body and enters into a dialog with it.  This gives your body a unique chance to be finally heard and understood – as well as the chance to regulate its own treatment.  amplifies the body’s healing reactions DIRECTLY, without amplifying the disease signals first.

Instead of challenging the body to respond, as SCENAR does, COSMODIC ® carefully listens to the body and uses micro-resonances to tune into and amplify the body’s healing efforts. Unlike SCENAR, which ‘adds to pain’, COSMODIC ® directly adds to healing.

COSMODIC ® works practically like a skilful coach collecting a lot of data, building a mathematical model of the body healing reactions as they are – and as they should be, amplifying them, and then gently and tactfully guiding the body to its best performance in healing and REGENERATION.

These tasks require collecting a lot of information from the body.

Even though both SCENAR (SKENAR) and COSMODIC ® use low-frequency electrical stimulation, COSMODIC ® is a much better listener than SCENAR; it has 46 feedback channels against only 1 channel in the SCENAR. This allows coordination of active impulses of the device with the wide spectrum of the body’s reactions and not just the electrical resistance of skin (or impedance).

This ability of COSMODIC ® to receive and process large quantities of information from the body, determines a new quality of its impulses, which has now become more regulating than stimulating. Multidimensional and rich in information COSMODIC signals now come in bundles (called adaptive regulatory bundles), which are capable of both stimulating as well as sedating the body processes, thereby, mimicking the functions of the CNS (Central Nervous System).

COSMODIC ® uses both central and local mechanisms to wake up and enhance the inherent capacity of our body to recover and rejuvenate on a cellular level, just like the CNS does. In this process, the body can even become stronger than it was at the pre-injury or pre-disease stage.

In other words, COSMODIC ® is not only a better listener than SCENAR, it is also a better ‘talker’ and a ‘diplomat’ with a very sophisticated signal that is taking healing to a new level helping the body to recover fully, i.e., actually REGENERATE.


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