Solaris Blanket


“A client walks into the shop with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and finds relief from pain and the start to an ongoing healing process using the Solaris blanket.  The only tool she purchased and uses for her family even now eight years later.”

Solaris Health Blanket may be used in combined therapy for a wide range of conditions including psycho-emotional regulation, sleep pattern improvement and to reduce stress. There are many other reported applications of the Solaris Health Blanket including; disorders of the Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system, Digestive tract, Musculoskeletal System as well as Metabolic Disorders, Brain Diseases and Traumas, Disorders of the Peripheral Nervous System and Psychiatric Disorders.

The Solaris Health Blanket also helps to regulate psychosomatic conditions, relieves constant tiredness and stress, and improves feelings of well-being. It seems to work extra well on both the very young and old people. The blanket can be used also to help prevent premature aging and also to improve the appearance.

Solaris Health Blanket with SCENAR and other treatments.
Prior to therapy, touch a grounded metal object in order to eliminate static electricity.  If the blanket is used after SCENAR therapy, it can help the system to more rapidly re-balance and integrate its energies. The Solaris Health Blanket may prolong the action of other therapies and medicines.


The effects of the Solaris Health Blanket are achieved through the reflection of the patient’s own infrared and extra-high frequency emissions back onto their body. A specially designed film membrane inside the blanket prevents the patient’s body’s electromagnetic emissions from dissipating outwards. This same layer then converts these emissions from the body and reflects them back on the body.  Reflected emissions have the effect of redistributing the charge density on the skin and exerting therapeutic action on the biologically active points of the body surface (APs) to help correct any faults in the systems controlling the overall homeostasis within the body (nervous and endocrine systems).  Radiation, reflected back onto the body, is absorbed by the tissue fluids and is converted to thermal energy. The thermal energy causes a hyperemic vascular response as a direct thermal action on the thermal receptors- whose impulses to the CNS trigger the appropriate thermo-regulative mechanisms in the body. The short wave IR radiation may also cause a weak photochemical and photoelectrical effect, which alters skin sensitivity by increasing tactile sensations and decreasing pain sensations.  Infrared irradiation also improves the metabolism of substances, accelerates gas exchange and the oxygenation process, and speeds up the vital activity in tissues. The pain relieving effect is brought about through altering the receptor sensitivity and faster removal of the metabolic waste products.

Solaris Health Blanket is reported to help patients to establish proper regulation of their psycho-emotional and somato-vegetative functions and so can be used to enhance the preventative care, treatment and subsequent recovery in a wide range of disorders including chronic fatigue and emotional upheavals. Maximum effects are achieved when the patient is wrapped completely and sleeps.