Bruises, Burns and Cuts

September 14, 2013 in Uncategorized by admin

There are so many quick uses for Cold Laser. Just a few seconds of Cold Laser can mean freedom from pain, and faster healing.

A gentleman of 84 years with advanced dementia had pulled a coffee urn down onto his lap.  Two weeks had gone by and the nursing staff was concerned he would not recover as the burn was weeping and showed no signs of healing.  The family and director of nurses requested the cold laser be applied as a last hope since the doctors had ruled out skin grafts due to his age and mental condition.  The cold laser was applied for nine minutes over the burned area on the first visit.  During the use of the laser the elderly man made a constant crying sound which the nurses assured me was the sound he made twenty four hours a day seven days a week.  When I returned the following day the burned area had quit weeping.  I was concerned about the crying so the next day I started the session by applying the cold laser with Heart and Head mode.  He quieted completely and stared at the cold laser as it was applied over the burn area.  Three days later I walked into the room and the elderly man said, “Why, you are the girl with the gizmo that makes me think better!”  The nurses stood in shock since these were the first words he had spoken in over a year.  They said, “Mr. (X) do you know what day it is?”  He replied, “No, but if you told me I bet I could remember tomorrow.”  He then asked them, “Could you please untie my arms?  I promise I will not pick at my legs as I can see I have a bad injury.”  The nurses ran over and untied both his arms and legs since he had his mental faculties back.   When they uncovered the burned area they were surprised to see a fine layer of skin had formed.  When I placed the cold laser on his chest for the heart, he reached up and took hold of the equipment and lowered it to over his heart.  He also held it over his head for three minutes as he was very impressed with his recovery and attributed it solely to the cold laser.  His burn healed and he stated he felt no pain during his recovery.

After our visit with this gentleman on the second day my two year old daughter fell in the hall outside his room.  This fall caused an egg shaped bump on her head and of course screaming.  The nurse ran for an ice bag as I pulled out the cold laser and applied it to the bump.  Three seconds and she was quiet, the nurse returned with the ice bag and could not believe how calm she was.  She said, “Mommy let me do it myself.”  The laser was applied a total of 9 minutes and the bruise turned yellow green and shrunk to half its original size.

After using the cold laser for many bumps and bruises over the course of a year, a 25 year old man called to ask to use the laser for a cut.  I was concerned as it was a jagged cut from a broken porcelain toilet water tank cover.  I asked him to go to the emergency and get stitches but he refused.  A few minutes later he entered my office with his hand wrapped in a bloody towel.  The cut was deep in the pad of the thumb.  He insisted that laser would heal it up with no stitches and I allowed him the use of the cold laser and showed him how to hold his hand so the wound would seal.  He used the cold laser for 2.5hrsboth the class i device and the class 3 devices.  I was surprised to see only ¼ inch of an opening, and no bleeding.  He used the laser 3 more times four hours apart for ½ hour session and then two times more 8hrs apart then he left for Hawaii.  I made a point to give him a list of activities I would not recommend because of the recent wound, including biking, swimming, and kayaking.  Needless to say he crossed all the activities off as done except the free hand rock climbing, and reported back to me 10 days later with one complaint.  He had a bit of numbness in his thumb and a piece of dry skin where the deep tear had been.  Three minutes of using the class 3 device stopped the numb feeling and he used his nail clippers to remove the dry skin.  He was left with a perfectly working hand and thumb with what looked like a paper cut scar.