Severe Scoliosis

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 Sever Scoliosis

Photo credit: Michael Perez. / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

While sitting outside Starbuck’s with my daughter drinking our morning coffee a van pulled up and unloaded a beautiful family. Grandmother, granddaughters and mom, jumped out with such grace and beauty. The handsome grandson next bent at the waist coming out of the rear of the van, but as he exited he did not stand up. As he approached me I asked, “Ask your mother if I can help you stand up straight. I will do it right here and now free of charge.” He ran into Starbuck’s and soon his mother came out to question me. She was impressed with what I had to say but had to get to work and could not take the time I would need for my work. She gave me her phone number and I assured her I would try to come by her home on one of my many trips through the area she lived in. One year later, my chance to work on this young man finally came. He was nearly eleven years old, and had never stood up straight in all those years.


The grandmother opened the door to me and I immediately went to work, using my tools and experience in bodywork. As my work progressed the girls returned home from school, they were shocked at the change that had already occurred using the Cold Laser and pressure points. Next his mom came in and sat smiling and weeping at seeing her son almost completely straight. The last part of the process required me to allow his body weight to straighten his torso; we did this at the front door of their small apartment. At this crucial moment his father came home and was unable to come in, but the family called to him, “Wait please, she is working, she is working!”


When the door was opened the father fell to his knees, hugging his son, crying to see him standing straight and tall for his first time.  What a reward to see such emotion, so much happiness. I visited twice more to check on my work and he is doing well.


Update:  Unfortunately for this young man western medicine and all its wisdom intervened in his healing.  After a year and a half of being freed from his scoliosis doctors inserted metal rods into his back in order to keep his back straight.  It seems he still had the medical diagnosis of scoliosis(on paper, not physically) and they were paid quite well to do the procedure, which they would not have been able to do without my work.  This saddens me greatly as he had no need to go through the procedure and will have to deal with the metal in his back for the rest of his life,


Photo credit: Guillermo Salinas / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND