Brown Recluse Spider Bites

May 19, 2015 in Uncategorized by admin

I met an elderly man outside of the Pahrump, NV library, he had a large bandage covering the entire left cheek area of his face.  I asked him what happened and he said three months earlier a Brown Recluse Spider bit him.  I went to my car and got out my Q1000 cold laser and used it over the hole in his face.  When I started you could see his teeth and gums through the hole in his cheek, but nine minutes later the hole was closed on the inside of his mouth.  After another six minutes you could not tell that this man had suffered from a Brown Recluse Spider bite at all.

Three months before this meeting my niece was bitten in the stomach by a Brown Recluse spider.  She had a hole the size of a softball, with pus and necrotic tissue all along the edges.  The bite was almost a week old before she asked for help, but twenty minutes later the hole was the size of a quarter.  This was the first BR bite I used the laser on and I did not think closing the hole would allow for the pus to drain, so I returned the next day to continue the treatment.  The next day before treatment the hole was the size of a dime with no pus or necrotic tissue showing.  The Q1000 was applied for ten more minutes and the hole was closed completely.  She was thrilled to be out of pain and free from the awful site of her own innards being seen through a pus lined hole in her stomach.  Almost a month later her boyfriend was bitten, they called immediately.  The laser was applied to a large reddened, raised, hard, ball of flesh on his lower back.  Within a thirty minute time frame the inflammation was no longer visible.

The Q1000 cold laser should be available to all brown recluse spider bites, it would save so much misery for those bitten.